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Cruise Travel Insurance

It only takes a few minutes to get a quote for travel insurance with cover for cruise holidays.

Just complete the details below to get an instant quote from our panel of specialist travel insurers. We can provide cover for most medical conditions and there are no age limits.

Cruises are an ever growing area of travel for UK residents.

Cruise-ship holidays have become extremely popular over recent years with more and more travellers seeking out the luxury and varied travel destinations offered by the major cruise companies.

As Cruise Companies compete with each other to be more entertaining and more luxurious better deals have become available allowing a large number of people the opportunity to experience this type of holiday. Most people who have been on one cruise tend to go again.

Cruise travel insurance is designed specifically for cruise holidays

Cruise holidays come with their own specific set of requirements and demands on a travel insurance policy. Cruise travel insurance accommodates travellers visiting multiple destinations, often with a flight element to the overall journey as well. Due to the nature of the holiday many cruises are significantly more expensive than more traditional holidays.

All these factors make cruise travel insurance vitally important, and you should ensure that your cruise travel insurance covers you for the correct level of cancellation cover, sufficient medical cover and you should check that you have specified the destinations correctly; if in doubt about where to list as your destinations please do call, it's important that your cruise travel insurance is valid!

Look at the cancellation cover: Is it high enough to cover the cost of your cruise?

When choosing a cruise travel insurance policy you should check the cancellation limits shown by the provider, and establish if these are per person, so you can easily see that you've got the protection that you need from your travel insurance policy – this is much more important with a cruise travel insurance policy than would otherwise be the case, as advance booking periods for cruise holidays are typically much longer than other types of holiday.

Declare your pre-existing medical conditions when you buy cruise insurance

Medical travel insurance cover is important, particularly in relation to Caribbean cruises, where it is not uncommon for unwell passengers to be put off for 'on shore' medical treatment. They subsequently can require further onwards transportation to a larger, better equipped facility.

As a result the potential for high medical costs is vastly increased due to the nature of the 'accommodation', and therefore it is essential that, when arranging your cruise travel insurance, you declare all medical conditions to us and check that you are happy with the medical coverage available under your cruise travel insurance policy – the costs of an airlift off the ship to a shore based facility, and then onwards air transportation to a mainland hospital can be massive, and as such a huge potential risk to both you and your family. Cruise travel insurance from can protect you from these risks

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Medical Travel Insurance

We have worked hard to develop travel insurance with cover for pre-existing medical conditions and no age limit. Suitable for travellers over-65's.